To select an optimal heat pump, you need to know the cost of operating a heat pump per year.

With the help of this tool you can determine the cost of electrical power consumed by the heat pump per year and compare it with other sources of heat, for example: gas boiler, electric boiler or solid fuel boiler.

Multiple calculation parameters

  • Selection of calculation purpose for heating, ventilation, hot water supply.
  • Select the type of heat pump with or without electric heater.
  • Select the number of electricity tariffs: one or two.
  • Select the ventilation operation period and hot water supply per day.
  • Heating pattern of hot water supply with or without priority.
  • Determination of the bivalence point.
  • Selection of climatological data for different years.

Savings from double tariff for electrical power

You can choose a single or double (day and night) tariff for electrical power and see the cost savings due to the use of a double tariff.

Comparison with available heat source

Knowing the cost of operating an existing heat source over the past years, you can compare it with the cost of operating a heat pump over the same years if a heat pump was used.

Calculation detail report

  • Report in Excel file with all parameters.
  • Bivalent temperature chart.
  • Heat performance chart.
  • Heat provided chart.
  • Average COP chart.
  • Electrical power consumption chart.
  • Energy carrier cost diagram.
  • Project file to upload in the future.

Unique method of calculation

Climatic data of outdoor air temperature for each day of the calculation period are used.

The calculation is performed for each day of this calculation period, on average it is about 5000 calculations for one city, from which the total maximum accurate result of the calculation is obtained.

How do I get started with this tool?

Just watch the video and start working.